Welcome to our events page!  Most of our events are live, but also recorded for your future use.  Click here to find recent recordings.

Please note:

  • All of our events are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Once you register for an event, you will receive an email confirmation with a zoom link as well.
  • If there is “homework” to be prepared before the event, or any other items we suggest you bring, we will include instructions in the email.
  • All of our small, hands on workshops have a “lights on” policy. Meaning, you must have your camera on during the event and commit to attending the entire event. The reason: These are hands-on participatory events – a “do it together” atmosphere. We need to see your face, hear your voice and your ideas!

Module 1: Explore & Define

Module 2: Research

Module 3: Create Your Plans