My artistic medium is hair,” Jesse tells us. “In high school, none of my friends would have ‘bad hair days’ if I could help it.” Jesse came to Aspen to learn the business skills to make hair his life. His dream came true when he opened up “Jesse’s,” an upscale hair salon in Greenwich Village. “Aspen’s online Entrepreneur Center is my lifeline,” he tells us.

Jesse Jones

Harry’s the first to admit that he grew up without much direction in life. “My parents were doing well, and I traveled a lot. I never focused on a real job.” That all changed when he found the Entrepreneur Center at Aspen. “I discovered that I loved the whole business creation process. Suddenly, I found my place!” Harry’s now the owner of a variety of small businesses in Southern California with a common thread: imports. “Thanks to the Entrepreneur Center, I took what I knew - other cultures - and made a business out of it.”

Harry Windsor

Money was always a problem for Tamika’s family. Tamika didn’t come to the Entrepreneur Center to learn how to start a business. She already had one when she arrived. “My mom was a housekeeper. Her boss needed someone to input data into a computer, but it was too much for me to do alone, so I hired my friends.” She quickly found that she loved the business world, but she needed to know more to expand. “I use the Entrepreneur Center as a consulting service, to help me expand.”

Tamika Senese

Be a Mentor!

Whether you’re there as a sounding board for a new idea, offer advice on how to take the next business step, or help make networking contacts, as a mentor, you can make a great impact on an emerging business owner. But it doesn’t end there. Mentorships help the mentor, too. You make new connections and brainstorm ideas for your mentee that can grow your business, too. And who knows, maybe there’s a future business collaboration with an aspiring, fellow entrepreneur!

Sponsor a Scholarship!

The Aspen Entrepreneur Center First Generation Scholarship Fund was started by a group of visionary alumni who saw the potential of entrepreneurship to address some of our country’s most persistent problems.The scholarships go to anyone who are first generation entrepreneurs – people whose families never ran businesses or had a stake in business ownership. Recipients of this scholarship come from some of the most hard pressed areas, who see business ownership as a way to change the direction of their family of generations to come.

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